Massud Sarahi

3D Modeler/Texture Artist

-Digitalmas- 3D Modeler/Texture artist/Rigger

Welcome to my site!

This site consists of my personal work. It's Mostly 3D modeling and texturing with some sketches/digital paintings.

If you go to the gallery section you can view what I have completed as well as projects that I'm still working on. What I'm currently working or haven't finished will be labeled as "WIP".

If you want to check out my latest demo reel you can do so via the link below:
Demo Reel (Vimeo)

Youtube Channel: Mario FPS project plus isolated turntables can be found here.
Youtube Channel

If you have any questions or want to contact me for work you can email me at:

Feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome and greatly appreciated! :D



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